Lodge Ugie #939

Mailing List

Please read the notes below before going on to the form page. Thank you.

  • The Mailing List is run by the Lodge Secretary P.M. Bro. Ian Bain and any correspondence regarding the List should be sent to

  • The list is primarily for people wishing to get updates on information foremost in relation to Lodge Ugie #939, and to a lesser extent, information regarding Masonic Events and occurrences in the N.E. of Scotland.

  • To make the above more applicable, acceptance to the List will be manually overseen - after all if you have no contact with the Lodge why would you want news about it..?

  • To apply simply click the "Show me the form" button at the foot of the page.

  • Any person wishing to have their name removed from the List should simply reply to a Mailing with the words STOP at the top of the page..

  • The Additional Info box has been added for those not directly connected with the Lodge to express why they want to be added.
    • "I'm a good friend of Duncan Russell" ...or the name of a Ugie member that you do actually know.
    • "I'm planning on visiting soon"
    • "On behalf of my poor old Dad who doesn't know how to turn on the computer"
    ...are acceptable reasons, but if this is the case please state the name of your:
    1. Master
    2. Lodge
    3. and Constitution.

  • No Mailings from this list will contain any sensitive information in any form or manner.

  • Applicants addresses' that are returned due to errors will be deleted automatically from the list.

  • No information will be released to or shared with other parties.