Lodge Ugie #939

W. Scott Keith

Installation of Bro. William Scott Keith

24th. January

The Brethren present... except those that were busy manning cameras, and there were quite a few.

Brethren present at the Instalation

Visitors from U.G.L.E.
Visitors from U.G.L.E.
L - R (seated)Standing
  • P.M. Bro. William Kidd Jnr.
    Coronation Lodge #5676, London (E.C.)
  • W.M. Bro. Duncan Pentland
    Hadrian Lodge #1970, South Shields (E.C.) / P.M. Ugie #939
  • R.W.M. Bro. William Scott Keith
  • P.M. Bro. David Dunn
    Hadrian Lodge #1970, South Shields (E.C.)
  • W.M. Bro. Robert Ford
    John Readhead Lodge #3217, South Shields (E.C.)
On the left and rather bemused looking
S.M. Bro. William Kidd Snr.

...on on the right
P.M. Bro. Jimmy MacLenan
...counting his barbies...

With special thanks to...

Bro. Scott Winchester
Lodge Leask #1084

...for the photographs.