Lodge Ugie #939

Installation of Bro. Philip H. Corbett

28th. January, 2009

Philip H. Corbett

Brethren of Lodge Ugie 2009
[L-R] Front Row (seated) [L-R] Second Row (standing) [L-R] Back Row (everyone else)
  1. P.M. Bro. Scottie Keith
  2. R.W.M. Bro. Philip Corbett
  3. I.P.M. Bro. Joe Brice
  4. P.M. Bro. Jonathan Elrick

  1. P.M. Bro. Ian Bain
  2. P.M. Bro. Jim Ritchie
  3. P.M. Bro. Duncan Pentland
  4. W.J.W. Bro. William Kidd
  5. W.S.W. Bro. Tom Nibloe
  6. Bro. John Brice
      (Ardgowan #1425)
  7. Bro. Mitchell Lamb

  1. P.M. Bro. Ron Simpson
      (Leask #1084)
  2. Bro. Scott Wallace
  3. P.M. Bro. Neil Keith
  4. Bro. Wishart Rosie
  5. Bro. Iain Coutts
  6. Bro. George Cameron
  7. P.M. Bro. Brian Dempster
      (Old Aberdeen #164)
  8. Bro. John Walker
  9. Bro. Charles Ingram
  10. Bro. Stuart Thomson
  11. Bro. Peter Reid
  12. Bro. Kevin Grant
Whilst the back rows are a bit dossorderly names are done on a left to right basis. Photograph:
Bro. Dave Cooknell
Lodge St. Andrew #518

The Installation Team

Lead by P.M. Bro. Ian Bain
Installation Team Collage
Top Row:
  1. P.M. Bro. Ian Bain
  2. P.M. Bro. Ron Simpson
    (Leask #1084)
  3. P.M. Bro. Scottie Keith
  4. P.M. Bro. Joe Brice

Middle Row:
  1. P.M. Bro. Jonathan Elrick
  2. P.M. Bro. Duncan Pentland
  3. P.M. Bro. Neil Keith
  4. P.M. Bro. John Shields
    (Fraser #267)

Bottom Row:
  1. P.M. Bro. James Stott
    (Fraser #267)
  2. P.M. Bro. Brian Dempster
    (Old Aberdeen #164)
  3. P.M. Bro. David Wemyss
    (Fraserburgh #1055)
  4. P.M. Bro. Eric Grant
    (St. Andrew #518)