Lodge Ugie #939

The Lodge Ugie Lums

Far did the lums gyang fae the tap o' wir Lodge.?

Weel, the story gyangs, in the cauld evenings o' the siventies, the win' wid fussel throu' the Ludge, keepin' a' the brithers feet stairvin.

It wis decidit tae tak' doon the lums an' slate ower the holes tae try an stop the draft. Since the fires hidna been used foe 'eers, doon they cam' an' the steens war stackit roon the back o' the biggin'.

It wasna lang afore an advert appera't in the Buchanie sickin steens for the lums at the fairmhoose at Hareshowe, Aden. Breeder Tam Hay, bein' weel conectit in the Cooncil, struck a deal and selt them for a hunner poun (£100).

An' tae this day, the Ludge Ugie Lums can be seen proodly sittin' on tap o' Hareshow hoose doon at Aden.

W. S. Keith

(P.M. Lodge Ugie 939)

Scotie Keith