Lodge Ugie #939

- Freemasonry in Buchan -
- New Temple for Mintlaw -

Laying of Foundation Stone

An interesting Masonic function took place in Mintlaw on Saturday, when the foundation stone of the Masonic Temple for Lodge Ugie 939 was laid by Provost Leask, Provincial Grand Master, Aberdeenshire East.

There was a large turnout of brethren from the Buchan Lodges, and also a large concourse of ladies and gentlemen from a wide radius to see the interesting ceremony.

Before proceeding to the site of the Temple, Provincial Grand Lodge was opened in the Public Hall in the first degree.

The brethren, clothed in their picturesque regalia, and wearing magnificent jewels, formed up in procession, and headed by Peterhead Public Brass Band, marched to the scene of the ceremony.

In proceeding from the highway to the platform, the procession was lead by Provincial Grand Architect
(Bro. George Davidson, West Crichie)

and the other office bearers were
Provincial Grand Chaplain (Bro. Rev R.N. Mackay, Lodge Ugie),
Senior Deacon (Bro. J. Simpson, Lodge St. James, Peterhead),
Junior Deacon (Bro. W.D. Clark, Lodge Leask, Maud),
Bible Bearer (Bro. W.T. Chalmers, Lodge Fraserburgh),
Treasurer (Bro. G.M. Forrest, Lodge Keith, Peterhead),
Secretary (Bro. W.J. Simpson, Lodge St. James, Peterhead),
Senior Warden carrying the vase of wine (Bro. James Young, Lodge Ythan, Ellon),
Junior Warden carrying the vase of oil (Bro. Alexander Campbell, Lodge Solomon, Fraserburgh),
Provincial Grand Master Substitute with the cornucopia (Bro. John Davidson, Lodge St. James, Peterhead),
Provincial Grand Master Depute of Aberdeenshire East (Bro. J. Hendry, Lodge Fraserburgh).

The national Anthem was sung and the Provincial Grand Chaplain then offered up prayer.

Laying the Stone

The Provincial Grand Master of Aberdeenshire East, Provost Leask, called upon the Provincial Grand Treasurer and Provincial Grand Secretary to place the coins, etc., in the cavities of the stone. The Provincial Grand Architect was then called upon to bring forward the workmen and necessary tools once the coins and other items were in position.

The Hundredth Psalm was sung, and in accordance with Masonic tradition, three distinct stops were made during the lowering of the stone.

The Provincial Grand Master, with the Provincial Grand Master Substitute at his right hand, then proceeded to the east of the stone. The Provincial Grand Wardens preceded him to the west of the stone, carrying the Level and Plumb Rule.

An interesting series of questions and answers composed part of the ceremony.

Address by Provost Leask

The Provincial Grand Master of Aberdeenshire East delivered an address, during which he stated that their work was now ended so far as was laid down in the constitution of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, and they must congratulate themselves upon the example set to other Lodges in the Province by Lodge Ugie. For, so far as his knowledge went, this was the first occasion that such a ceremony of laying a foundation stone of a new temple had occurred in the Province.

He was delighted to see so many brethren, friends and family in attendance at the laying of the foundation stone. Might the superstructure about to be raised, prove to be perfect in all parts and be an honour to its builders; and when he had said that he need not add his sincere hope that Lodge Ugie prosper and that its influence might be all for good. How could it be otherwise.?

Their tenets had taught them it would be useless to profess a knowledge of Freemasonry if they did not frame their lives by it.

There was no portion of the Masonic ceremony so grand and touching as that in which the Worshipful Master called upon the members of the Lodge to join him in a supplication to the Supreme Grand Master in Heaven. He congratulated the Right Worshipful Master (Bro. MacKay) and his office bearers upon their energy and enterprise in so soon having the Temple in the course of construction.

It had only been one year since he had advised Bro. MacKay to go ahead with the project. To the ladies, who also helped the movement, their thanks were specially due. He intimated that through their commendable help, when the Temple was complete, Lodge Ugie would be able to open its doors with little or no debt outstanding upon the building.

To the brethren in Freemasonry, he advised them to never allow themselves to say that they knew all about Masonry that they wanted to know and did not care to go further. Surely it was more delightful to the intellectual mason to go on labouring, than to resign the implements of the art and sit back like a dissatisfied workman on strike.! To any such, he would ardently appeal to them to return to the pleasing labours of science and not to rest content, thinking that their duty be done, when the honourable rank of the Past Master's seta of rest was reached. It should be at this time, when the leisure afforded by the position should lend itself to the opportunity for further study.

By their go-ahead spirit the members of Lodge Ugie had proven themselves not to be in the category of resting, but all had continued and would continue to further their knowledge by the dedication of their labours.

Thanks were then exchanged to and from those in attendance.

Bro. W.D. Clark then presented Provost Leask with the first ever life membership to Lodge Leask, and a magnificent piece of work bearing a reproduction of the portrait of Provost Leask.