Lodge Ugie #939

Extract from the Minute Book...

5th. September 1945...

Bro. F. Martin of Lodge Ugie presented the Lodge with a Past Master's Apron and collarette . Originally the property of Bro. B. Murison late country clerk of Aberdeenshire and worn by him as Master of Lodge Saltoun 761, Aberdeen Province, which was founded in 1888. The Lodge was named after the 18th. Baron Saltoun initially Grand Master Mason of Scotland, and father of the present heir, who himself was Grand Master Mason of Scotland 1933 - 1935, and late Provincial Grand Master of Aberdeenshire East.

Shortly before his death, Bro. Murison presented this apron and collarette to Bro. John F. Boyd, an assistant in his office and later appointed County Clerk Depute of Aberdeenshire, who now holds he office of Provincial Grand Master of Aberdeen Province. Recently Bro. Boyd handed the articles to Bro. Martin, with the request that they should ultimately pass into the ownership of Lodge Ugie. Accordingly, Bro. Martin respectfully offers this apron and collarette as property of Lodge Ugie, with Bro. Martin having the honour of wearing them during the continuance of his membership, and when present at lodge meetings.

Bro. Shewan R.W.M. accepted the gift on behalf of himself, his wardens and brethren, and the Lodge. Those in attendance suitably acknowledged this generous offer with a vote of thanks.

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