Lodge Ugie #939

A little story from the history of the Lodge.

P.M. Bro. John Leil's Donation...

Past Master Leil, like all farmers, was known to sell a baggie o' tatties or a puckle neeps an' carrots for cash.

Now, Bro. Leil thought he would sell a litter o' pigs in a similar manner. The deal was struck and the cash changed hands, but Bro. Leil, being the good and honest Mason that he was, declared the sale to his accountant. His accountant, a great pillar of the community, and possibly a fellow Mason, advised him that there would be no tax liability if he donated the proceeds to charity. Bro. Leil decided that there would be no better charity to receive the funds than his Mother Lodge. So with his "ill-gotten" gains he donated a squared carpet, gauntlets for the Master, and three gavels for the Master and his Wardens.

Even now, Lodge Ugie is still beautifully adorned with these gifts, and Lodge Ugie freely give their thanks to the late Bro. Leil (P.M.) ... ... and his pigs..!

Three Little Pigs Bro. John Leil

Bro. John Leil (1958)

Editor's note:
This little story has been passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth, and this may be the first (and only) time it has been put into writing.
Webmaster's note:
Better make that the second time...