Lodge Ugie #939

Can you help us..?

On this page I'll list things that for one reason or another nobody seems to know. So if you can help out in anyway please do, even an indication of who might know something regarding what's on this page would be greatly appreciated.


The below mentioned are specifics, any information regarding the Lodge, its Members, or Honorary Members, in whatever format would be greatly appreciated.


The first minute book - for the period 1903 - 1940. This book is absent from the Lodge, the who, the when and the why are unknown.

Any information regarding its whereabouts would be greatly appreciated, even it is just to tell us that know that the book has met with an unhappy ending.


Any photographs relating to the Lodge, its Members, or Honorary Members.

Old or new, if we haven't got it, we want it..!

Digital format..?
Send them by email to the Webmaster (details on Contacts Page)
Only send one or two photo's per email to prevent files becoming too large & being blocked.
No scanner..?
The Webmasters postal address is at the foot of the page. I'll scan them and return them.


We have compiled a list of Honorary Life Members and the dates. (See menu on the left)

Can you help us be more specific with these dates..?
Bro. Robert Hamilton

Macduff Lodge #940


Bro. Graham McCombie

Fraserburgh Lodge #1055


Webmaster's Postal Address:
Duncan Russell
52A Low Street
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