Lodge Ugie #939

About this site

Duncan Russell This site is now completely written in XHTML 1.0 strict, and along with the CSS files that go with it have all been checked using the W3C Mark-up Validation Service. For more information on XHTML validation use the link in the footer.

The main reason behind the overhaul was to make this site completely cross browser compatible. If you ever visited the old site, using anything other than Internet Explorer you probably noticed that some bits just didn't work properly, in some browsers the site was just a complete mess to be honest. But not anymore..!

This site has been tested on the following browsers...
Internet Explorer 7
Mozilla FireFox 2
Safari 3
Opera 9.25
Netscape Navigator 9
...and works well in all.

If you experience problems with any other browsers I would appreciate hearing about it.

I have started adding meaning to abbreviated terms to the site, which is beneficial for the visually impaired visitors who use text readers, for those not initiated into the Craft (or those who are just not sure) if you hover over the term with your mouse pointer the word is displayed in much the same fashion as the title tag for an image or hyperlink. For example hover of this much used abbreviation P.M..

Whilst writing this, I would like to point out that I don't work in the computer industry, far from it I am a Joiner/Wood Butcher by trade, everything I've done here has been learnt the hard way, by trial and error, reading books, internet reference or badgering someone to get answers.

This original concept of this site was just going to be a couple of pages attached to the web site of my Mother Lodge St. Andrew #518 as a means of thanking some of the Ugie brethren for their ongoing support and encouragement, their own little niche sort of thing. Well things just sort of spiralled from there and the next thing you know its web site..! Hence the date difference between the creation of the site and the when it became official.

    Bro. Duncan A. Russell (Webmaster)

Special thanks:

As well you can imagine in projects of this nature there are always a few people that you become indebted to one way or another.

Bro.'s Joe Brice & Tom Nibloe (Ugie #939)

More than any other this site was created for these two outstanding brothers. Gentlemen..!

Bro. Dave Cooknell (St. Andrew #518 / Hon. Member Ugie #939)

A good friend and long suffering companion in most of my Masonic undertakings, but with regards to this site, the photographs, not all but most are his handiwork.

Bro. Steve McKim (Battle Ground #313 / Indiana / USA)

Also a very good friend and the genius behind all the images I've used on this site.

Bro. Ian Bain (Ugie #939)

For his assistance with this site and a invaluable source of information.

Bro. Andre Russell (St. Andrew #518)

My youngest brother, who has had to endure a lot of badgering from me. For the php codes that make this site work and makes my life easier.

Lastly, but by no means least...

The Brethren of Ugie #939, your encouragement and assistance has been greatly appreciated.