Lodge Ugie #939


P.M. Bro. Tommy Nibloe - Abseiling at 65..!

Saturday April 21st. 2012

Meet Tom Nibloe, yes I concur he is a rather jovial, pretty normal looking bloke, and in most respects thats exactly what he is.

Tommy Nibloe

So turning 65 you would expect a jovial, pretty normal looking bloke to be pulling his rocker a little closer to he fire, donning his slippers and puffing his pipe - well he might if he smoked, had a rocking chair and an open fire, but he does at least have a pair of slippers..!

But not Tom... no for his 65th. birthday Tom, with the aid and encouragement of Joe Brice - don't think your part went unnoticed Joe - decided to abseil down a 50 metre quarry cliff on a bit of rope. Ok it was for a good cause, but seriously Tom...
65 years old and clambering down a cliff face...?

Tumbling pound sign

Seriously though, well done Tom. The abseil (which I believe was the brain child of P.M. Joe Brice) was in aid of the roof fund for Lodge Inversaintcairn #1278 in Rathen, and took place at ??? Quarry on the above date, and to the best of my knowledge has raised so far, well over £3000.

I will add a photo of Lodge Inversaintcairn when I get one.

I have added a couple of photos to this page, the following link Tommy's Abseil will take you to a gallery style presentation of 41 photographs taken by Tom's son ??? Nibloe.

Notes about the gallery:

There is music, that I will I assure you after a while get rather annoying. There is a button to turn it off in the top right hand corner.

There are various settings that can be altered. A "Start Slideshow" is highlighted when you hover in the top box with the mouse.

Once the slideshow has stared you can opt for full screen, show captions, and so on.

The Gallery will open in a new tab on your browser, so you can just close it to return here, alternatively there is a link at the foot of the page.

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cliff face

The cliff face at ??? Quarry.

Tom Nibloe descending

Tom Nibloe making his descent.

Joe Brice descending

Joe Brice makes his descent.

Tom Nibloe and Joe Brice

[L] P.M. Bro. Tom Nibloe and P.M. Joe Brice [R]


And finally...

Join with Tom in doing a little
victory dance...

Abseiling cartoon