Lodge Ugie #939

Open Doors Day 2006

Sunday 18th. June / 2:00 - 4:00pm

For the last three years Lodge Ugie #939 has thrown open its doors during the Mintlaw Gala Weekend to general public, in order that people who wish to, may view the Lodge rooms, Lodge records, regalia, artefacts, etc.
This year representatives from many of the other Masonic bodies in the area were invited to attend and represent their Order.

R.W.M. Joe Brice R.W.M. of Ugie #939
Bro. Joe Brice

on hand to oversee the proceedings...

R.W.M.'s Regalia
Brethren of Lodge Ugie #939

Brethren of Lodge Ugie #939


Kevin Grant / William Kidd / Joe Brice / Phil Corbett / Ian Bain

P.G.M. Alfie Devidson Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master
of Aberdeenshire East

Bro. Alfred Davidson

P.G.M.'s regalia

St. Andrew Royal Arch Chapter #146

Past P.Z. Comp. John Southworth

Honorary 2nd. Principle of Provincial Grand Chapter of Aberdeenshire

Comp. John Southworth
Knights TEmplar

Keith Preceptory #19
District of Aberdeen, Banff & Kincardine

Eminent Frater Malcolm Glennie
  • Past Preceptor
  • District Grand Marshall
  • Honorary Grand Herald of the Great Priory of Scotland
Venerable Frater Tom Buchan
  • Past Preceptor
  • Member of the Grand Masters Guard of Honour
Squaremen plate

Buchan Shed #4
Ye Corporation O'Squaremen

(L) Worthy Deacon Gordon Hanton

(R) Auld Deacon Brian Dempster

Buchan Shed #4

Keith Royal Ark Mariners Lodge #44

Past Worshipful Commander Noah Comp. Alex Daniel

Comp. Alex Daniel
Ill. Knight Nicky Stephen

Buchan Conclave #76

Illustrious Knight Nicky Stephen

Past Most Puissant Sovereign
Honorary Grand Prefect Grand Imperial Council of Scotland

Princes Rose Croix #217
(18th. Degree)

Excellent & Perfect J.W. Comp. Nicky Stephen

Comp. Nicky Stephen
Nicky Stephen - Eric Grant Solomon Cryptic Council #38

(R) Comp. Eric Grant

Cryptic Council apron + membership card
Bro. Douglas Nicol Lodge Felix #355

W.J.W. Bro. Douglas Nicol

P.M. of Lodge Leask #1084
Grand Steward (Grand Lodge of Scotland)
Provincial Grand Bible Bearer (Aberdeenshire East)
Proxy W.S.W. Lodge Thistle #1014 (Barbados)

...not all Lodge regalia is blue in Scotland.

Lodge Ugie #939

P.M. Bro. Ian Bain

...wearing the familiar blue Blue Lodge regalia

P.M. Bro. Ian Bain
Lodge Ugie #939 Open Day 2006
Group shot of various orders Members in regalia

All ye in fancy dress...


Malcolm Glennie / Brian Dempster / John Southworth / Nicky Stephen / Douglas Nicol / Alex Daniel / Gordon Hanton / Tom Buchan

Photographs: Bro. Dave Cooknell

Books & newspaper clippings on display

A sample of some of the many Masonic themed books that are available.

To one & all,

Just a short note to express sincere thanks from the RWM and members of Lodge Ugie #939 for coming along and supporting our open doors day event on Sunday 18th. June.

I am sure you will share the same view as ourselves, in that it was a most informative and worthwhile occasion, not only for Freemasons, but for the general public as well. There was a good spirit and camaraderie amongst those in attendance, with many different regalias' and Masonic artefacts on view. The visitors comments were encouraging, ranging from “good and worthwhile” to “splendid and absolutely fantastic”. Occasions like these give Freemasons the opportunity to explain the truth about the fraternity and help dispel many of the rumours and myths that exist. People will have been enlightened by their visit and I am sure your contribution will have made a lasting impression on them.

Hopefully this event will have inspired you to take part in, or indeed organise a similar event in your own Lodge, or in other Lodges in the future, where you can help promote the truth about what Masonic Orders do, and the good causes they support.

The sum of £130.00 was raised during this event and this sum will be handed over to representatives of Mintlaw Gala Committee at a future date which will be posted on our website and all will be most welcome to attend.

Any comments or suggestions you have will be gratefully received, as we hope to stage a similar event again during next year’s village gala.

Once again, many thanks for your help, it was greatly appreciated and we hope you enjoyed the day.


    Yours fraternally,

     Ian J Bain

    Secretary, Lodge Ugie #939.