Lodge Ugie #939

Annual Dinner & Dance - 2006

If I remember correctltly the Dance was at the Ban-Car Hotel in Lonmay.

As you can see there are still a few names missing from the lists below,
your help if you can id anyone would be greatly appreciated.

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Ugie #939 Dinner Dance 2006

[L-R] Front Row

  1. Mrs. Morag Brice
  2. R.W.M. Bro. Joe Brice
  3. Mrs. Davidson
  4. R.W.P.G.M. Bro Alfie Davidson
P.M. Bro. Ian Bain takes Mrs. Davidson for a turn round the floor. Ian Bain + Mrs. Davidson
Ron Simpson Far too concerned with his footwork to look at the camera Bro. Ron Simpson (Leask #1084).
Although this image is a bit blurred (& hence not linked to a larger one) it is unmistakably Bro. Gordon Hanton (Old Aberdeen #164). Gordon Hanton
Ugie #939 Dinner Dance 2006


  1. ??? ???
  2. Bro. Wishart Rosie
  3. Mrs. Inga Swannie
  4. ??? ??? - I've got no idea what the pink silky thing is...
  5. Bro. John Southworth - St. Andrew #518
  6. ???


  1. Bro. Joe Brice - with the red crest..!
  2. Mrs. Davidson
  3. Bro. Bro George Whyte - King Tut..!
    Solomon #197
  4. Mrs. Sheila Whyte
  5. ??? ???
Ugie #939 Dinner Dance 2006
Ugie #939 Dinner Dance 2006


  1. Miss. Aleysha Tocher
  2. Mr. Steven Lawrence - that's one hairy Mama..!
  3. Mrs. Lynne Lawrence
  4. Bro. Tom Nibloe
Bro. Tom Nibloe struts his stuff with wife Christine. Tom and Christine Nibloe
Davie Wemyss and his good lady Mrs. Wemyss struts her stuff with husband Davie.
The prize for probably the most normal photo of the night goes to...

Bro. George & Mrs. Sheila Whyte
Solomon #197

Ugie #939 Dinner Dance 2006
Tom and Christine Nibloe Bro. Tom Nibloe shows wife Christine that he can still move his THANG..!
Even though these days Tom's thang is only a sporen..!
Saving the best till last...

The unfortunate R.W.P.G.M. Bro. Alfie Davidson gets a warm hug from the Really Weird Man Bro. Joe Brice..!

Alfie Davidson + Joe Brice
Photographs Bro. Tom Nibloe