Lodge Ugie #939

Past Master Bro. J. Arthur Walker - 60 Years..!

( Information on this page compiled by I. J. Bain P.M. Lodge Ugie #939 & A. Goodman P.M. The Derwent Lodge #884 E.C. )

Artur Walker On October 11, 2006 Bro. Walker travelled from Wirksworth, Derbyshire, England to Lodge Ugie #939 in Mintlaw Scotland to commemorate his 60th. year in Freemasonry, the R.W.M. Bro. Joe Brice worked a 1st. (or Entered Apprentice Degree) and I was given the honour of standing in as Candidate. RWM Joe Brice & PM Arthur Walker

Bro. James Arthur Walker (A brief summary)

Born in Stuartfield, Aberdeenshire on April 12, 1926.

Aged 14 he left school and went to college in Aberdeen to study Marconi Wireless Operations where qualified as a wireless operator - Ocean Going - & then wrote to Marconi to see if he could get on a ship. No-one asked for proof of age or checked his date of birth and he was sent to Ellesmere Port to be a wireless operator on a merchant ship, and consequently celebrated his 15th. birthday in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Arthur Walker & Duncan Russell The Great Survivor - he was first sunk (as if once wouldn't be enough) in the Mediterranean, and then again in the Atlantic aged just 16, and again in the Atlantic two years later. So at the end of the War, and after being sunk three times Arthur gave up the life at sea and joined the Derbyshire Police force where you can't get sunk, but unfortunately where you can be severely hurt whilst attending an accident by a passing motorist. After recovering, he moved to the safe confines of an office, the administrative side of Police work, where you can be neither sunk or are at risk from passing motorists, and in relative safety served out the rest of his working career. Arthur Walker & Jimmy MacLemman

Arthur has been happily married to Joan for 55 years. They now live in Wirksworth, Derbyshire, England and have two daughters, a son and several grandchildren.

Brethren gathered to witness Arthur Walker's 60 Year presentation

Brethren at Lodge Ugie #939
Notes on Bro. Walker's Masonic Career
October 9,1946Initiated into Lodge Ugie #939 on the roll of Grand Lodge of Scotland.
October 23,1946Passed to the degree of Fellow Craft.
November 6,1946Raised to the high and sublime degree of a Master Mason.
April 4,1948Advanced to the degree of Mark Master.
March 18,1960Affiliated to The Derwent Lodge #884 on the roll of The United Grand Lodge of England.
April 1,1960Joined The Derwent Mark Lodge #963.
October 17,1969Worshipful Master of the Derwent Lodge #884.
October 2,1970Master of The Derwent Mark Lodge #963.
1987Moved North back to Stuartfield, Aberdeenshire.
Remained a country member of Derwent #884.
January 11,1989Senior Warden - Lodge Ugie #939.
January 10,1990Depute Master - Lodge Ugie #939.
January 8,1992Right Worshipful Master - Lodge Ugie #939.
1995 - 2000Secretary - The Derwent Lodge #884.
April 8,2000Provincial Grand Junior Warden - Derbyshire Provincial Grand Lodge.
2002 -2003Secretary - The Derwent Lodge #884.
April 30,2004Provincial Grand Senior Warden - Derbyshire Mark Lodge.
October 11,2006Received Diamond Certificate (60 Years) and commemorative quaich in Lodge Ugie #939
from RWM Bro. Joe Brice & RWPGM Bro. Alfred Davidson.
October 20,2006Provincial Grand Senior Warden - Derbyshire Provincial Grand Lodge.
Brethren from England Arthur Walker Joe Brice and Arthur Walker Arthur Walker

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